3 Safety Keeping Tips for Your Skin This Summer


Summer is one of the much awaited seasons of the year. The season you can enjoy nature, beach, the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones.

There are also plenty of activities that people of all ages look forward to, as well as plans on how best to spend time under the summer sun.
However, despite the joy of what summer season offers, excessive heat coupled with overcrowding at some summer destinations can cause great stress for many people and leave us open to threats to our skin and general well-being.

Luckily, there are ways that we can combat this:

Apply SPF 50 rich skin moisturizers
Most people often forget that the skin is the largest sensory organ of our bodies. It’s only fitting that we pay close attention to it, especially whenever we’d undertake activities that may induce damage to it. Many of us enjoy frolicking under the sun in the summertime, heading off to the beach under the blistering heat.

With plenty of products advertised during these times, it’s imperative that you know what you’re placing on your skin. There are several skin care products out in the market that you can check out before you head off into your destination.


When it comes to summer beauty products, sunscreen is an absolute must have to keep your skin protected.

Skin moisturizers with SPF(sun protection factor) 50 are great addition to the products you’ll need in the summer. These are your first line of defense against the sun’s UV rays. Make sure that the most exposed areas of your skin get the most amount of protection. Your limbs, back, neck and face should be generously slathered.

There are credible articles that takes note of SPF 50 skin moisturizers as being ideal against the sun’s harmful UV rays, as they provide ideal amount of protection against them so long as you’re also keeping tab of how much time you’ve spent under the sun.

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Avoid too much Sun Exposure from 9am-3pm
Time flies when you’re having fun and nothing is more true when you’re out in the beach, swimming out in the sea or relaxing while getting a tan. Before you know it, you’re almost baked to a crisp.

As the sun gets higher in the sky, so too does the risk of damage inflicted on your skin when left unprotected. You can always get the best of the sunshine while it’s not yet too hot or during the hours before it sets.

The sun’s rays can have varying effects on different people depending on their skin tone, such that Caucasian skin can have higher chances of developing skin cancer brought on by UV radiation against those with a darker skin tone. Nevertheless, people should still be wary of doing activities under the sun for prolonged period of times.
Cover up
The summer vibe brings with it plenty of options to get dressed, getting out of grey winter clothing in favor of flowing summer dresses. For those looking for a a nice even tan, wearing clothing to get the least coverage may be ideal, but this also presents the risks of skin cancer, premature aging of the skin etc. Aside from smearing in sunscreen and moisturizers, be sure to get the right amount of protection with your outfits. Plus side is you won’t have to sacrifice style for practicality:

  • Sunglasses
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Light-colored clothing
  • Small cotton scarves


You’re gonna be heading out in the sun in one way or another, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go out unprotected. Always make sure that your skin gets the utmost level of protection by using the best skin care products to shield it from the sun, as well as keeping yourself hydrated. Once you’ve got those out of the way, you’re a step closer to enjoying the summer sun!

Apply SPF 50 rich skin moisturizers

Skin moisturizers with SPF50 are great addition to the products you’ll need in the summer.


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